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Movie Clips: Kat gets just about everything put in her pussy

This slutty brunette loves nothing more than to be fucked roughly by two guys at once, especially when they have come equipped with a few extra items to put inside of her tight pussy. You will not believe some of the stuff that dissapears inside of there, one of which being an internet computer mouse. Would you ever have thought that would go up a girl's vagina? well now it has, and watching it is one hell of a blast.

Movie Clips: Bridgitte progessing up the scale of objects

This blonde stunning starlet has not had many intense penetrations before in her life, so we started her off lightly with a candle put inside of her and then lighted. Gradually it progessed until she had a whole fire sticking of her ass, then we graduated to the majors, quite literally, by shoving a full scale baseball bat deep inside of her asshole. Now that would have hurt like fuck, and she certainly screamed to confirm it.

Movie Clips: Brunette Billie takes a cock in both holes at once

Billie joined up to this site a few months back and she got so damn wet from watching the videos that she emailed us asking if she could join in on a few of them and maybe be the star, it had always been her dream. Of course we would never turn down an oppurtunity to abuse a dirty slut like her and we fucked her silling, by shoving a cock in her ass and then one in her pussy and slamming her brains out at the same time with them both.

Movie Clips: Blonde pornstar Candy takes a lava lamp in the pussy

This is one of the most extreme scenes that we have dared to videotape yet, this blonde whore has been in porn for a long time and she claims to be able to fit everything inside of her juicy pussy. We didn't believe her and put it to the test, starting out with a barbie doll then working through from about one hundred pencils to a pepperoni and then an entire fucking lava lamp shoved in there as deep as it would go. She really is a bottomless pit.

Movie Clips: Gia with her elastic lips both down and top

Gia was a whore that claimed to be able to beat all the other ones that we have filmed in the past in their intense penetrations, now some of the sluts that we have filmed before have pushed the limits and we didn't think that this beauty would have been able to. She started straight at the deep end by putting a rubber chicken inside of her pussy and then moved onto metre long and 5 inch wide dildos. This video is almost hypnotic.

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